We are seeking opportunities to share the message of LIFE.
Anywhere God opens the door across the USA.

Our call is to the church. If we are going to see real change, it is not going to come through Washington DC. It is going to come through the local church becoming unified on what God's Word says about LIFE. Using the Word of God to come against the lies.

We started traveling and sharing the message of the Sanctity of Human Life across America in 2005. Since then we have spoken in over 1400 churches in 34 states. We would love to come and share at your church.

We speak to all age groups and we would love to share with your women and men's ministry groups as well as to any children or youth groups. Or if you are having a special event. Joli has shared a gospel message with children during fall festivals and Easter events.

We also speak to school groups, pregnancy care center events, campgrounds, nursing homes, homeless shelters, homes for troubled youth, and also with prison ministries.