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2009 Ministry Photos

– 2009 –

In 2009, we started out the year in Northern Kentucky, speaking in churches and one christian school, and staying in housing provided by one of the churches. We went from there to Florida, all the way to the Keys, staying in housing provided by one of the churches, and also with family. In the summer we made our third trip West (and our second time all the way to Washington state), this time we stayed out West ministering all the way through September. Not long before we started West, a lady from Oklahoma donated money for us to get a motorhome, PTL!. We purchased our home not long after arriving in Colorado, our first stop on our trip West. We are very thankful for the motorhome, it makes the housing situation so much easier, since we have not had a house since we gave up our rental home in the Summer of 2006. After Colorado, we headed to Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Texas. While ministering and speaking in Texas, we flew Cliff (and his girlfriend Marjorie) and Caitlyn out to hold a youth rally at one of the churches. We then ended the year in Western Kentucky. Also while we were in Western Kentucky, in December, Cliff proposed to his girlfriend Marjorie, and she said yes!