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February 24, 2012 Abortion Holocaust by Cliff Cullen I see the ashen faces, walking towards a place of death There are no smiles, no songs on their lips I see this place, in history past; Where the belief of some is imposed upon others; The belief that some 0
February 8, 2012 Health and Wealth, or Cop Out? by Cliff Cullen Exodus 23:25-31             God promised the children of Israel before they entered the Promised Land, that if they followed Him, He would bless them. In Exodus 23, we read the list of these blessings. They include health and no miscarrying 0
January 24, 2012 Three Big Ask Prayers by Cliff Cullen   That Should be in Every Man of Faith’s Arsenal: Exodus 33:13-18 Sadly, the modern Christian’s prayer life has been reduced to blessing food and sick grannies. Every mediocre man of God can pray these prayers. They’re easy. They’re simple. 0