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Adoption Over Abortion

Written by Joli Cullen

When we were in Florida, in 2007, we spoke at the First Baptist Church of Summerfield, and met Pastor Dr. Hunkus and his wonderful family. Dr. Hunkus and his wife Candy were unable to have children of their own, and chose to adopt five children. In each case the parents were unable to care properly for their children and chose an adoption plan rather than abortion.  Some might say these children should have been aborted instead of brought into the world into such a bad circumstance, but abortion is not a solution to the problem of poverty, unwanted children, neglect or abuse.  In fact child abuse has gone up 500% since Roe V. Wade.

We had the privilege of sharing a meal together with this wonderful family and I thank God these children’s moms did choose life, and that Dr. Hunkus and his wife chose to adopt these children.   Their family is a shining example of the blessings, providence, and grace of God.